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Project: Documentary

Title: Delaware Dirt: Charging Ahead

Ashley's CROPPED 2 car in race

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Photo credit: Michael Oates

Two weekends a year, NASCAR drivers and their cars race in Delaware, attracting over 130,000 fans, and generating tens of millions for the state’s economy. Yet before Dover Downs, Delawareans were racing cars. WWII GIs returning home wanted action—and found it on weekends on dirt tracks sprinkled from Wilmington to Delmar.

Dirt tracks still survive in Delaware, and most weekends local racers and their vehicles, known as Delmarva Chargers, tear up these tracks for as little as a $100 purse. Their families are their community, maintaining their “street legal” cars and reliably showing up each weekend to support their drivers and to keep Delaware’s last remaining dirt tracks alive.      


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